Seasons L.A.
Most of them can be answered here. If not, please E-Mail us.
Q: Do you have a number I can call to place an order?
A: Sorry we do not. As of 2008 we no longer accept phone orders. Please email us for information regarding your order. How-ever, you may call our tech line for some basic information like size and colors, or availability. Our tech line has NO access to any order or tracking information WHAT-SO-EVER.
The number is ( 757 ) 454 - 2418 9AM - 9PM EST

Q: Why are the shipping charges on your Holiday decorations so high?
A: They may seem so, but they are not. In fact, they are actually lower then what we are billed for. Remember, these items are bulky and light-weight. Therefore they are charged/billed using the weight dimensional factor, which is used and designed by the shipping industry. There is simply no way out of it. For more information on weight dimensional... CLICK HERE.

Q: If i choose Next Day or 2nd Day Air shipping will i get it accordingly?
A: NO. There is a minimum 36 hour processing time on all orders. Weekends, Misc Holidays, Carrier Holidays and blackout periods may also apply. We suggest that you plan and ask in advance before using one of those methods.

Q: I get an ERROR when trying to add something to my cart. What's wrong?
A: More than likely that item is sold out. But you may want to contact us to make sure.

Q: You gave me such a short, fast answer... Why?
A: We move swiftly and decisively in our industry. TIME IS MONEY.

Q: I am very close to you, can i pick my stuff up from your warehouse?
A: Yes. By appointment only with a minimum three day notice. And we are only here at night.

Q: You're such a big place, how come I have to pay in the way I do?
A: Well, we could get all those fancy machines and stuff, but we would have to pass those cost on to you. Our emphasis is to bring you the lowest price possible, so you must use the shopping cart system.

Q: Can i trust your company?
A: Take your chance! Of course you can. You probably have been referred by a particular manufacturer. These manufacturers know that we live up to our reputation, that's why they referred you to us. Superior service at an affordable price.

Q: The manufacture I talked to says that this item is no longer avaliable, you say it is... is it?
A: When you call their help line, the associate is giving you what little information is avaliable to them. Believe it or not, our infomation at times is more accurate.

Q: How come the shipping and handling charges are so much?
A: Fact is they are not. We have found that we have some of the most reasonable shipping and handling charges on the net. We even box multiple packages together when possible, and charge you less were others will not do this. Shipping and handling prices also contain "minimum" extra charges for materials like; tape, kraft paper, bubble wraping, misc labels etc etc etc.

Q: Can I paint my product ?
A: One of the past manufacturers tells us that you can; plastic molds should be spray painted with a small spray type of gun(not from a can or the like) . Do not use any paints that have acrylic or acrylic base. Acrylic will eat the plastic. Krylon is a great brand, but you should choose carefully.

Q: I left a message for someone to call me back, but have not heard from anyone, WHY?
A: We at times get calls from cellular devices and the like. Cell phones have a tendency to "skip". If you skipped while leaving your number, we did not get it. Speak clearly, leave the number two (2) times along with your area code and TIME ZONE(PST-MST-EST-CST, etc), or your answer is listed here-in.

Q: How come it takes so long to get my order?
A: It may have been possible we were out of the item you requested, so it may be coming manufacturer direct.

Q: I don't feel safe faxing my check. Can I mail it?
A: Reality is, "what's the differance"? We will have the same information in hand either way. By faxing it, your order will be processed faster. But please feel free to mail it and recieve your order at a much longer time, if the item(s) are stil available.

Q: How come you do not ship outside of the US Mainland?
A: Shipping cost are to expensive and it's a big hassle, simply put.

Q: I live OFF SHORE or OUTSIDE of the US Mainland, can you give me a shipping quote?
A: No. It usually is very expensive and most people just dont go for it. Thus, we find it to be a waste of time trying to get the best possible price and often hear "thank you, but that's to much".

Q: Do you plan to ship outside of the US Mainland soon?
A: No. Nor is it foreseen any time soon.

Q: What are the Religious Statues made of?
A: High Quality poly resin. About 1/8"+/- thick. They are hollow and  can be partialy filled.

Q: Do you have a toll-free number?
A: Yes. But only for paying customers.

Q: Are you General Foam Plastics?
A: No. We are an authorized retailer for them.

Q: What happend to Empire of Carolina?
A: Their boat got to heavy and sank.

Q: I just bought a product at another store and it is missing parts. Can you help me?
A: Nope. You must contact the store where purchased, not us. We ONLY assist OUR customers.

Q: Can I purchase replacement parts from you?
A: In most cases yes. Email us the item(s) in question. Be specific as possible, or you may not get a reply.

Q: What is Priority Processing?
A: Your order gets put ahead of all standard orders, but in line with other Priority orders. Bottom line....         You should get your order faster.

Q: I live outside of the US Mainland, will you ship something to me?

Q: I wanted to order an item(s), but have seen in the shopping cart "RESERVE FOR 200X". What does this mean?
A: This means that your purchase is treated like a reservation. Our reservation policy will apply, and the item(s) "should" ship in October of the year shown. But of course as with all items on our site(s), we do not guarantee delivery of them.

Q: Why is your FAQ board so abrasively worded?
  A We live in an abrasive world like never before.

Q: I sent you a fax asking about Discounts, Shipping Cost and Pricing. But never recieved a fax or email (etc etc etc) back. Why?
  A: The prices are clearly posted. Shipping can be calculated, for the most part, by simply adding items to the shopping cart.

Q: I want to buy something from you but you wont sell it to me. Why?
  A: You may have cost us alot of time in the past and that is bad for business. We do reserve the right to refuse service.... and we do enforce that right. So if your caught up in that, please just go somewhere else.